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Hilary Rickwood – Cura is the brain-child of Hilary and her colleagues at Bishops Wood Hospital. Hilary is a founding Trustee of Cura and was Cura’s first Chairman.  Hilary is a retired MacMillan Specialist Breast Care nurse.  She gave vast amounts of her time and energy to Cura, guiding and establishing the charity with great vision, care and professionalism, creating a local resource to aid and support breast cancer patients.  Hilary remains a firm Friend to Cura and in her spare time is a keen artist.

Nihal Shah – Nihal is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre and a founding Trustee of Cura along with consultant colleagues Babu and Joseph El-Jabbour.   Nihal has given many years’  service to Cura as a Trustee;  supporting events and attending meetings.  He continues to work with Cura in an advisory role and regularly recommends Cura to breast cancer patients under his care both in the NHS and privately if he feels they are struggling financially.

Dr Joseph El-Jabbour – Joseph is a founding Trustee of Cura and was Cura’s first Treasurer.  Joseph is the managing and medical director of Cellular Pathology Services in Watford.  In addition to his medical expertise Joseph is passionate about IT and as a new charity Cura benefited immensely from Joseph’s diverse skills.  Joseph had the vision and creativity to build Cura’s first website and design the charity’s logo, developing a professional and attractive image for our emerging charity.   In his spare time Joseph enjoys high altitude trekking.

Deirdre McMahon – Deirdre is a founding Trustee of Cura and has given much of her time to the charity.  She was the Secretary of Cura for five years, guiding the charity with knowledge and professionalism.  Many of Cura’s main events have come into fruition thanks to Deirdre’s contacts and connections – especially in regard to Uxbridge Sports Club and Eastcote Cricket Club.  Much of what has made Cura into what it is today is the brain child of Deirdre. Cura is fortunate to have benefited from her creativity and vast circle of friends, colleagues and family.

Jackie Collins- Jackie is a founding Trustee of Cura.  She has given tireless energy and enthusiasm from the start, organising and managing events, as well as having taken the position of Treasurer. Her trade mark is professionalism and glamour, which has benefited Cura, giving a slick and professional image whether it be a stylish Black Tie Ball or a Quiz Night.  Jackie is meticulous and Cura has been greatly promoted by her vision and creativity.

Barbara Dupree – Barbara has had much experience in public service and brought her wisdom and understanding to meetings, which has greatly benefited Cura.  Barbara has been a terrific supporter, helping at countless Cura events, both in the year of her Trusteeship and in the years before her election.    

Caroline Marcuse – Cura has benefited greatly from Caroline’s expertise and skill in communications and advertising, raising Cura’s profile and image.  She worked with meticulous care and attention to detail and was instrumental in developing Cura’s first links to Social Media. Caroline supported many events, giving generously of her time, wonderful organisational skills and enthusiasm.

Berangere Botto - Berangere brought her meticulous organisational skills and experience of the private healthcare sector to Cura as a greatly valued Trustee.  Berangere was a great supporter of Cura prior to becoming a Trustee and I am delighted that she remains engaged with Cura, as she steps down due to her workload. 

Pippa Masters - Pippa first got involved with Cura at the cricket match where her whole family got roped in, her Dad and brother found themselves playing for the Medic's team! Pippa has given so much energy and enthusiasm as a Trustee and Cura has benefited from her marketing and advertising skills, giving Cura a presence on Social Media platforms.