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Cura Stories

A thank you note

‘Words cannot describe how heartfelt it was for Cura to award me a grant. I have always worked full time for many years and never thought I would be in a desperate position to have to apply for a grant, from a charity. My diagnosis has been devastating in ways, that I could not forsee. I would like to thank Cura from the bottom of my heart for the grant towards my utility bills which will help alleviate some of the financial pressure and stress, since my breast cancer diagnosis.’

A thank you note

'Thank you so, so much to all of you at Cura Grant. This is great news, great timing and will really help!
I have always worked so it is a very tough time for me stopping but I must listen to my body and put my health first. Although employers say they understand our struggle, I realise they understand for a few months. Everyone's journey is different and some people simply breeze through the process without major difficulty but for others like me, I can't just dust myself off this time and must be patient with the process.
This is why I am so grateful for all you do as this gives me a little space to breathe and catch myself. It is so touching to know that charities like yours exist and I certainly won't forgot you and will inform who I can of your existence. AMAZING!

A thank you note

‘With intense gladness and gratitude, I confirm the receipt of the grant of £400.00 paid into my bank account. It will help indeed in more ways than one especially in this very cold winter season. I will most definitely find out how to 'like' Cura. I do not use social media but will get my son involved just to do so. I will get to know Cura more as I am very grateful to them. Thank you again and may Cura prosper in all their efforts. May you all remain blessed.’

A thank you note

‘…...Your email confirming my successful grant application has made me burst in to tears, Thank you so much , I can not tell you how much of a big help your grant will be , things have been incredibly difficult and even more so during the Covid pandemic. As you can imagine, being a single mother of 3 growing boys can be challenging and having a decent fridge freezer is vital plus some extra money towards the heating bills will go a long way especially with the weather turning colder.....’

A thank you note

Thank you so so much for your extremely kind and generous offer of the £400 grant by CURA. I am absolutely blown away and so grateful and humbled. I know in these difficult and uncertain times, that funds are low everywhere and the need is great with so many people. This will really help with getting a nice wig and the extra will help immensely. I was so relieved and so excited last night, when I read your email and just thanked God for His provision too. Once again, thank you so much and please thank all those on the decision board. This kindness and support in very difficult times, will remain with me for a very long time. I really do hope to be in a position to help contribute towards your organization and others in similar positions to myself, as soon as is possible.

A thank you note

I am still a little staggered, or indeed shellshocked, at the very generous amount that I have been awarded by you and the Trustees of Cura. I hope that you will understand, and won't be offended by, the fact that no amount of money can buy me what I want more than anything in the world - ie to have my darling husband back; however, it is going to give me some comfort knowing I will be able to arrange a few days away somewhere in the New Year, with my sister-in-law (who as I may have said lost her mother to Cancer last year); and which will definitely be a positive thing to look forward to. Please pass on my very, very grateful thanks to the Trustees..."

A very pleased applicant

Thank you so much for the extremely kind offer of the grant of £400. My husband and I feel overwhelmed by your kindness and those fundraisers who have put their time and money towards helping those in need. We never expected to be in the situation that we are in, and still find it hard to accept that we need help but unfortunately with our very young children to care for and with my ongoing treatment, we are finding it a struggle. This means so much to us. We will share details of the trust on social media, and hopefully in time, we hope to return the kindness to those others who require help at a difficult time. Please pass on our thanks to the other Cura Trustees.

Mrs J, Middlesex

Mrs J was struggling with food bills as she was unable to work during her treatment and her husband was also taking time off work to accompany her. Cura arranged for some supermarket vouchers to be sent to help with the cost.

Miss W, Hertfordshire

Miss W was struggling through her treatment, using a local laundrette as her washing machine was broken. After speaking with the patient, Cura ordered a new washing machine to be plumbed in for her and the old one taken away. Miss W emailed Cura: ‘I really felt like someone was trying to help when I felt so lonely’.

Mr D, Middlesex

Mr D was unable to have family to stay and help him during breast cancer treatment as he only had one bedroom. Cura paid for a sofa bed to enable him to have family and friends to stay overnight and support him during treatment.

Mrs V, Middlesex

During a very difficult year when this patient’s family were dealing with her diagnosis, prognosis and treatment schedule, Cura paid for a Merlin family pass allowing days out at Legoland, Madame Tussauds and Alton Towers for one year.

Mrs S, Buckinghamshire

Mrs S had put on weight during her chemotherapy which is a known side-effect of some breast cancer treatment. She needed to buy new clothes during the winter months but especially new bras following mastectomy surgery. Cura was able to help in providing clothing vouchers for high street stores.

Ms J, Bedfordshire

During the winter and spring months Ms J had struggled to pay her fuel bills as she had to reduce her working hours as a result of appointments and treatments for her breast cancer. Cura sent direct payment to one of her utility providers to help ease this cost for her. Ms J sent a grateful email to Cura saying that she had been dreading the winter months and how she was going to manage the increased bills.

A thank you note

Thank you so much for awarding my grant. It is so very much appreciated. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude regarding the cheque you are kindly sending me. If my treatment goes to plan, I will not hesitate to contact you later on to see if I can be of any assistance and help others in my situation” .

A thank you note

I want to say thank you to Cura. You guys have helped me in a way you can't imagine. It's not just about the money it's about getting to know that people like you are still out there ready to give a hand to the ones like me who are going though a very difficult time in life. Please keep helping - it's a great act of love.

A thank you note

Thank you so much. I am literally in tears with relief and gratitude as I write this. Please pass on my sincerest thanks to everyone: I can't express how much this will help and to know that there are people that care enough to help is a great comfort.